Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Fear Nail Clipping - NO More


Meet Bentley, a beautiful Golden Doodle. Looking so sweet after his fresh groom. 

Nail Clipping

Do you fear clipping your dog's nails?  Of course, when you bring your dog to Splash you can always get your pup's nails clipped. However, you may need to clip your dog's nails in between grooms. Allowing your dog's nail to grow too long can cause them pain and possible infection. It may even lead to a fractured toe! 

I came across a great article at Dog Toy Advisor for clipping your dog's nails. I think after reading this article you will feel confident that you can cut your dog's nails. 

Spotlight Your Dog

Would you like your dog featured on our blog? I would love to show off your dog's new dew. Just email Becky (Splash's social media manager). Send a picture, and tell me something about your sweet pup. Tell me a funny story about your dog. Is he/she a hero? Was he/she rescued? Anything you want to share about your dog. 

We Love Your Dogs! 

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