Sunday, April 4, 2021

Automatic Waterer for Your Dogs

Lixit Faucet Waterer for Dogs

I really get tired of my dogs dirtying up the water within an hour of me putting it out for them. I also worry that their water will dry up before I get more put out. We live in Texas and it really hot here. Making sure our animals have plenty of cool drinking water is very important.  I found this neat gadget on Amazon and purchased one for each water spicket. My dogs do not go in the front yard but I figured if any stray cats need a drink maybe they will use it. 
Here are the details about it.
*Fits faucets and garden hoses
*A ready source of freshwater 24/7
*Steel nozzle attaches to the outdoor faucet without tools
*Shuts off automatically
You can find this product Here
I am not getting any compensation for sharing this product. 
I hope you find this information useful. 


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