Meet Kryssi

My name is Kryssi Chick and I am a 37 year old married mother of twin girls. Since day one I have always been obsessed with all things dog. I have been working professionally with them for 20 years. At 17 years old I became a Certified Veterinary Technician. During that time I would always jump at the chance to do any medically necessary shave downs and put a pattern (schnauzer clip etc.) on them before shaving all the hair off. With tons of practice, studying, and looking to big name professional groomers, I was able to teach myself how to groom all breeds. After 7 years of being a Veterinary Technician and learning to groom, I decided to continue my journey of becoming a professional groomer. I opened my first salon and have since groomed not only dogs, but cats, rabbits and guinea pigs too! In 2017, I adopted a standard poodle named Remington. Together, Remington and I have trained together and have earned multiple titles in AKC Rally Obedience, Tricks, Canine Good Citizen, and a UKC title for Dock Diving! We have also had lots of fun participating in Agility, Fast Cats, and even a little protection work. This dog really is my best friend! I have been so blessed by getting to do what I love every day, working with dogs, even when I can’t take them all home with me! Your dog is never just a number or just a paycheck for me. Dogs are my passion in life! If you’re looking for a groomer who will love, pamper, and adore your pup just as much as you do, then I’m a perfect fit for you and your pooch!


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